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 ROSE in general

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PostSubject: ROSE in general   ROSE in general Icon_minitimeFri Jan 19, 2007 1:26 pm

Ok so I think that we should get a Fork clan in ROSE but I really don't have the 1mill for it so if anyone here plays ROSE and wants to make a clan or just party and whatnot. My sn is *********and Magic*****.

Ok This person is one of my friends from school he told you to post your SN here please dont. Hes ok to give to just PM him i Know him in real life

EDIT : By Admin xFork,

Ok heres the deal if a GM from rose finds out about the site the could easily make a Fake account and Find out all of your SN's if ANYBODY says Lets meet at a certian Place pleas be careful Becuase You dont know who it could be.

IF YOU WANT TO GIVE OUT YOUR IGN (in game name) PERSONAL MESSAGE THE PERSON under there post it Says MP its typo but you cant chnage it.

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ROSE in general
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