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 How to do EVERYTHING on ALL topics

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How to do EVERYTHING on ALL topics Empty
PostSubject: How to do EVERYTHING on ALL topics   How to do EVERYTHING on ALL topics Icon_minitimeSat Jan 20, 2007 4:45 am

WinRAR: Q: What is it?
A: A program to put more then 1 file in a single file and be able to post it on the internet.
Q: Where can i get it?
A: From

Q: How can i put a RAR file on the internet?
A: Go to a site like then go down to Browse, then Chose the file (only 1 file at a time which is why u should use WinRAR) Then click i accept the terms then Send. After that you will get a Link. Copy paste the link on your topic and make sure it works when u download it.

Q: How do i RAR a file?
A: Highlight all the files that you wish to RAR then right click and Add to "archive" then it will ask you a name and then thats it.

Q: I got a PM (Personal Message) from Somebody i dont know What do i do?
A: Message them back and Be friendly Ask who the person is and make sure your careful if somebody randomly Messages saying i wanna meat in a game Be careful it could be a GM. If you choose to go and you get banned i'm NOT Liable. Please be Cautious.

Q: How do i get my post count up without Spamming Meaningless posts?
A: Easy, learn the material. After you learn the Material You'll Be able to answer alot of questions and maybe could be a Moderator.

If you need help use the search button
If you would like to be a MOD message me on AIM or PM me on the site.

Foxydada119 or SunFlwerWeed
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How to do EVERYTHING on ALL topics
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