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 PbP + Instructions

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PostSubject: PbP + Instructions   PbP + Instructions Icon_minitimeSat Jan 20, 2007 7:26 am

in this version i've added moveable chat window and info bar, removed the rose logo
added a couple files that modify the names of blue items, make all refined items glow like they're (9)

I reworked the npcs...
ronk in a plains is an all in one npc
the tavern owner in zant is the identification fairy
the the common clothes vendor in junon is also a fairy ( easy teleport to a plains)
the middle guy on the junon docks is an all in one npc

Ummm what else.... ohh i put in the clan field map that shows where the monster spawns are

fixed the rocks and trees and shit so they're gone again

umm... added a sweet lil file that modifies the ranks of clan members

I included some of my read me files (dual job, stat reset, basic tsearch tut... stuff like that)

the swear crack is in there... cuss all you want


added a sweet little file that will make all refined equipment glow like it's (9)

I added 6th and 7th skill slots this morning

I've also included up to 7 (i believe) buff skills

------ on a side note... there is a readme file included in this package that will walk you through installation and the configuration of the bot... not only that but there are some other very interesting read me's included....

Credits: Syn of GZP

If you need help use the search button
If you would like to be a MOD message me on AIM or PM me on the site.

Foxydada119 or SunFlwerWeed
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PbP + Instructions
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