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 Any questions? Look here!

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Any questions? Look here! Empty
PostSubject: Any questions? Look here!   Any questions? Look here! Icon_minitimeThu Feb 22, 2007 7:09 am

I'm tired of seeing the constant "wat dis hax do" threads so here is a detailed explanation of what I think I know what each hack does.

I'm listing every hack that I can think of or know of that is public.

If you disagree with any definetions or want me to add more please post what it may be.

CRC bypass - This is a cyclic redundancy check which will basically allow you to tick as many hacks as you want when they are in a crc script which frees up the use of debuggers, what it really does is send the maplestory server and clean copy of your memory, I think.

Pin Unrandomizer - Will line up your pins at the log in screen as long as it is ticked, usually a good idea to untick it in game because it may cause d/c.

Any version of Godmode - Skips the damage step whenever a monster attacks you.

Super Tubi - Allows you to pick up more then one item at once so that you can loot faster.

Swear Filter - Disables maplestory's famous swear guard.

Unlimited Attack - Tick this when you are logged onto your character and change the value to somewhere between 9 and 99, most of you may or may not know that you can not stand in one spot and attack 100 times, the point of unlimited attack is so that you can stand in one spot and attack more then 100 times. This is usually used when botting.

No Breath - Used as a quick escape, freeze the value at 0 and you can attack and be able to channel change without having to stop to breath hence the name no breath.

Speed walk - Allows you to break the 140% speed limit but will d/c seconds later, used when bored.

Item Filter - Used to filter out specific inv items depending on what is put into the script, usually used to filter out monster cards and arrows.

Fall Through - Gives you the ability to fall through any floor when activated.

Levitate - Once you jump after you activate it, you will basically be stuck in the air as if you were levitating.

Instant Drop - Change the value to 0 and everything that drops will seem as if it touched the ground instantly without it having to go in the air, though this is client sided, meaning only you can see this, it will seem as if you are looting out of the air.

dEM - A monster vac that allows you to hit any monster on the map within 1.5x of your map view.

Item Vac - Allows you to pick up any item off of the floor from anywhere on the map when ticked, I believe it has a 2x range or 1.5x range.

Zero Vac - Vacs to a 0, 0 coordinate on your map, this may be not true I'm not completely sure.

Teleport Left - Whenever you jump you will be teleported to the far left corner of your map no matter where you are.

Teleport Right - Same as Teleport left only it vacs you to the right.

Teleport Up - Same as Teleport left only vacs you to the top where you will fall back down.

Vac Left - Vacs you and all jumping monsters to the left of the map.

Vac Right - Same as vac Left but to the right of the map.

SSEAX Y - Used when vaccing boss monsters such as platapus or zakum.

Unrandomizer Stab/Swing - Changes the way your weapon attacks, used mainly with the warrior class to give them a constant stab or constant swing.

Unrandomizer Str/Dex/Luk/Int - Unrandomizes your dice roll when you are making your character to 13/x/x/x or x/13/x/x or x/x/13/x or even x/x/x/13, depending on which one you are using.

Mouse Vac - Vacs your character onto your mouse pointer, this is client sided so only you can see it, usually used to travel far places.

People Scanner - Scans how many people are on the map and tells you by the value

Monster Scanner - Scans how many monsters are on the map and tells you by the value.

Lag Hack - Lags all monsters and players on the map to your client, usually used to prevent boss monsters from healing or to stop monster movement.

No Knock-back - When you hit a monster it does not get knocked back. (Not sure about this one)

Super Knock-back - When you hit a monster it gets knocked back farther then usual. (Not sure about this one.)

Meso Drop - Allows you to drop any amount of money as long as you have the amount in your inv and will in no way increase the money dropped by monsters, use the hex'ed value of the amount that you are going to drop and the maximum that can be dropped is 50K because the server will ignore any attempt to drop anymore then that at once.

Fly - Allows you to fly in normal map as if you were in aqua road swimming but it does d/c.

Fast Attack/Speed Attack - Gives you the ability to increase your attacking speed, may d/c though.

Top/Bottom/Left/Right Wall - The boundaries of your map, once the value is changed the boundaries of the map are changed hence giving you a vac but left and right wall are patched so any change to the value will d/c you.

Timed Dupex - A timed script that allows you to use dupex without d/c, it will use dupex for a short time and then switch to another vac so you can hit the monsters that were vacced.

YoYo Dupex - Vacs all monsters to one point on the map but most likely will d/c if left on, is something like follow dupex.

Ranged dEMI - Allows ranged characters to vac, does the same as dEM but ranged dEMI is patched.

Scroll Hack - Does not exist, anyone that says that they have it is lying.

FM Hack - using sseax y to make your shop anywhere in the FM.

CSEAX - A client sided vac that vacs the client sided things to a point on the map.

SSEAX - A server sided vac that vacs the server sided things such as spawn spots and npcs.

Clothes Hack - Changes what you are wearing based on a pointer value, the cloth values can be found on by right clicking the picture of the clothing and getting the last digits in the url.

Pingou - "Fun" hack that makes it seem like your clicking the arrow a lot instead of holding it.

Gravity - Removes gravity from the game so monsters and your character move to the top of the screen but you will d/c if you touch the top.

Jump hack- Changes the time it lets you jump so you can jump high.

Death Sound Hack - Makes the death sound repeatly after enabling?

Credits to me for making most of this information and wintersquall for helping

Credits go to:Huked

If you need help use the search button
If you would like to be a MOD message me on AIM or PM me on the site.

Foxydada119 or SunFlwerWeed
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Any questions? Look here!
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