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 [NEW] Window maplestory without DxWnd

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[NEW] Window maplestory without DxWnd Empty
PostSubject: [NEW] Window maplestory without DxWnd   [NEW] Window maplestory without DxWnd Icon_minitimeFri Mar 09, 2007 11:13 am

credits go to tjake of the CEF of the find/making

Credits go to Sunbeam for instructions
A quick briefing :

1. Go to your Maple folder, and rename Gr2D_DX8.dll to Gr2D_DX8.BAK
2. Unzip the contents into your Maple folder.
3. Play.
4. If you want full screen again, switch files (Gr2D_DX8 ones). No need to delete anything (or reinstall);6891037;;/
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[NEW] Window maplestory without DxWnd
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