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 Rose Hack... All working

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Rose Hack... All working Empty
PostSubject: Rose Hack... All working   Rose Hack... All working Icon_minitimeThu Jan 18, 2007 2:05 pm

Updated Decemener 4th, 2006 --- 11:00am PST
Working so far, im too lazy to say "will keep updated" cuz iono if i will

Finding M-speed
1. Put on shoes
2. Open t-search
3. Attach trose.exe
4. Search for m-speed (2 bit)
5. Take off shoes
6. Search for m-speed
Voilla (sp?) u have ur m-speed, not this is client side so if ur like *omfg im running at 9999999999999999999, then u are a retard*

Dual Jobs
1. Get Syn's PbP Ace Bot
2. Extract the event folder and put it in your rose Dir
3. Go ingame
4. Get the first job you want
5. Talk to Sharron and go back to adventure plains
6. Walk back to zant
7. Open T-search
8. Search for ur m-speed (read above)
9. add 71 using the calculator (71 was what it was when i did, could have been updated)
10. You should get either 111, 211, 311 ,411 depending on ur job
11. Set that to 0 and freeze it

Dual Roses
1. Create another account on your computer with a password and comp admin
2. Run Rose
3. Minimize and find the rose icon
4. Right click on it and click run as
5. type in the user and password (case sensetive)
there u go. If u get a <windows failed to create> then restart ur comp and do it again
Note: deebee has informed me that you dont need to use this method to run 2 roses with the Krose client, just load it twice

Speed Glitch
1. Sit Down
2. Click somewhere
3. as you are getting up press tab
4. Press tab again

As far as i know
Level Addy - +8A
Dual Job- +71

Junon = 71a 00 00 02 00 c0 a4 06 49 00 39 00 49
Junon CF = 71a 00 00 0b 00 c0 a4 06 49 00 39 00 49

You can still teleport if the map is connected.
eg. Adventure plains > luxem > zant

Working Bots/Programs

Here are some Hacs i will update it more later.

Correct me if i made a mistake and if i forgot something

If you need help use the search button
If you would like to be a MOD message me on AIM or PM me on the site.

Foxydada119 or SunFlwerWeed
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Rose Hack... All working
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